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The Revista de Climatología (ISSN 1578-8768) is an independent international scientific journal, free for both readers and authors, without any processing or publication fees. It was established in 2001 to disseminate research articles in the fields of Climatology (Agroclimatology, Bioclimatology, Climate Change, Climate System, Paleoclimatology, Synoptic Climatology, etc).

The Journal currently accepts original manuscripts in Spanish or English. (Initiated as a Spanish only journal, it became bilingual in 2007).

No payment is required from authors at any stage of the publication process.

Editorial Board

Dr. José A. Guijarro (Editor), State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), D.T. at Balearic Islands, Spain. (jguijarrop[AT]

Prof. Rigoberto Andressen, Comisión para el Programa de Ciencias Atmosféricas y Espaciales, Univ. de Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela (andressen[AT]

Dr. Cesar Azorin-Molina, Department of Earth Sciences - Regional Climate Group, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (cesar.azorin-molina[AT]

Dr. Vanesa Y. Bohn, Dep. de Geografía y Turismo, Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS), Bahía Blanca, Argentina. (vbohn[AT]

Dr. M. Luján Bustos, Instituto Argentino de Oceanografía y Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina. (lujan.bustos[AT]

Dr. Joan Cuxart, Grup de Meteorologia, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain. (joan.cuxart[AT]

Dr. Ángel G. Muñoz, International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI). Earth Institute, Columbia University, USA (agmunoz[AT]

Dr. Arturo Sánchez-Lorenzo, Department of Physics, University of Extremadura, Spain (arturosl[ARROBA]

Dr. Paulo Alexandre da Silva Pereira, Department of Environmental Policy and Management, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania. (pereiraub[AT]

[* The Editorial Board is open to climatologists from all the World willing to collaborate with this project].

Guidelines for authors

Manuscript submission

Original unpublished research articles, not being submitted to another journal at the same time, should be sent by e-mail to the journal address (rev.climatol[AT] to begin the peer-review process of acceptance.

Text, figures and reference style

Manuscripts are preferably to be sent as a single document in either odt, doc or docx format, including tables and figures in their most suitable position (normally, after citation on the text). This document will be used for the reviewing process. The paper must be structured into the following sections:

All references must be cited in the text by the contributor's name and year of publication within brackets. E.g.: Associated strong winds were reported by Doswell (2001) and other authors (Shaefer and Livingston, 1993; Romero et al., 2005). Coincident cites will be distinguished by appending a letter (low cap.) to the year of publication: Lyons and Olsson (1972a and 1972b).

Evaluation and revision

The manuscript will be reviewed by two referees chosen by the Editorial Board (authors may suggest some of them for consideration). The reviewers will express an evaluation about the scientific quality of the research paper and give some useful comments. Revisions are usually required before the final publication. The authors should carefully consider the referee's comments and answer in detail to the points raised. The revised manuscript must be again submitted, by email, to the Editor. The manuscript will not be processed for publication until conforming to the referees suggestions.

Final compilation

Upon acceptance of the paper, the final compilation will be done by means of the LaTeX processing system. Once compiled, the article will be sent to the contributors for its final revision (grammar or printing errors) and acceptance. Publication will be done immediately after this last agreement.

Open Access policy and Copyright

This journal provides open access to their contents, based on the principle that offering free public access to research enhances a higher exchange of global knowledge.

The copyright belongs to the authors, who implicitly allow its reproduction by any means as long as no commercial interest is involved. Therefore, articles are published under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license: They can be copied, used, reproduced, transmitted and publicly exposed, as long as: i) authorship and original publication source are cited; ii) no commercial used is implied; iii) the existence and specifications of this license are mentioned.

The responsibility for opinions expressed and material in manuscripts rests with the contributors. Do not hesitate to contact the Editor at rev.climatol[AT] for further information.

We look forward to welcoming your valuable research papers in the field of Climatology.


Jose A. Guijarro
(Head Editor)

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