Tests results on precipitation networks

Problem networks of 10 series.
Random shifts, without seasonality, but introduced as factors.

Labels of tested methods:

Inh: Inhomogenous (problem) series.
cl1: Climatol with normal ratio normalization.
Cr1: Climatol with cubic root normalization.
Cl1: Climatol with log(x+1) normalization.
RHa: RHtests absolute homogenization.
RHA: RHtests absolute homogenization, with quantile adjustment.
RHr: RHtests relative homogenization.
RHR: RHtests relative homogenization, with quantile adjustment.
US1: USHCN (not devised for precipitation).
HoA: HOMER with d j c jc m c
HoB: HOMER with d j c jc c jc m c

Key to HOMER operations:

d: Pairwise detection (d: on raw/qc files; dc: on corrected files)
j: Joint detection (j: on raw/qc files; jc: on corrected files)
c: Correction
m: Assess Month of change

Network cross-correlations in the three simulated climates
Temperate Atlantic                   Mediterranean                   Moonsonal
InhomogeneitiesRoot mean square errors
InhomogeneitiesTrend errors